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Become an insurance pro.

If you contract with insurance companies, you know that the way you write your notes, treatment plans, basically everything makes an impact on your client's treatment. 

Your notes are often the only way to show a third party payor what your client needs. And although documentation is soooo important for communicating to insurance companies why your client needs counseling, very few therapists receive any training in what insurance is looking for. 

That's where The Counselor's Guide to Documenting for Insurance comes in! Finally, a workshop that explains what you need to know... and provides CE credit along the way. 

As someone who couldn’t be more strongly opposed to being in network, my years of experience has taught me that you are doing yourself and your clients a disservice if you are not educated about the process.”
-Amber Hawley, LMFT and Owner of Fremont Counseling Services

No more worrying about
Records requests
Case reviews

Dr. Maelisa Hall is a licensed psychologist with exactly the experience you need... she reviews client documentation for a living! Armed with the same training insurance companies provide to their employees, Maelisa will teach you exactly what to include in your client files.

Learn the language

Identify the buzz words and phrases that case reviewers like to see and interpret what that looks like in the treatment you provide.

Maximize your time

Don't waste time writing things you think the insurance company wants to see but don't really play an important role.

See the big picture

Insurance companies have a certain way of thinking about things and once you boil it down, it actually makes sense.

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Want to know more about exactly what you'll learn? Check it out...

Medical Necessity

Why it's the foundation for all your documentation and how to incorporate in notes and treatment plans


How to write assessments that highlight your client's need for treatment

Treatment Plans

What kind of goals insurance companies like to see and how you can make them relevant to your client's needs

Billing and Services

Understand how billing codes matter and which ones to use when


How to write notes that match your treatment plan and your style of therapy

Case Reviews & Audits

Communicate with the insurance company using their language so you can provide the most benefit for your clients

< Bonuses >

To make this workshop even more useful for you long-term, I'm including some extra handouts...
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Sample Client Files

You'll receive TWO sample client files so you can see how documentation should look from beginning to middle to end. No more needing to use your imagination!

Medical Necessity Cheat Sheet

Part of the difficulty is simply finding where insurance descriptions are! This cheat sheet takes care of that.

Review Tool Template

You'll have access to my very own review tool that I use for reviewing client files. I also walk you through how to personalize this for your own practice. 

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    Once you sign up you'll have lifetime access to ALL the material, including any potential updates in the future.
  • How do I sign up?
    Simply click here and then enter your credit card info and create a login for the membership area where all the material is housed. You'll receive a confirmation immediately and can access everything right away.
  • Does NBCC count for my continuing education?
    NBCC approved courses like this one count for continuing education credit in most states for most licenses (including California licenses through the BBS). However, they are not approved for psychologists. 
  • Will I have access to Maelisa for questions?
    Yes! Inside the membership area you'll be able to ask questions in the discussion forum.
  • What is the membership area?
    You'll create a login and password so you can access all the material any time you like. Inside the membership area you'll see the content, handouts and discussion forum.